Update Regarding Performance R1T Rock Sliders from Megawatt™: 01/05/23

Update Regarding Performance R1T Rock Sliders from Megawatt™: 01/05/23


Many of you have been following the development of our performance rock sliders from Megawatt. Not a big deal if you haven’t though, we’ll bring you up to speed.

When the Megawatt team set out to design a Rivian R1T rock slider we decided from the beginning that quality and strength were to be paramount. We tapped friends and colleagues in the industry to assemble a team of Engineers and Fabricators with decades of experience in top-tier off-road racing and custom vehicle fabrication. Given the heft of the roughly 7,000 lb vehicle, we then drew from time-tested rock slider designs for vehicles of similar weight. We spent weeks designing and iterating these configurations to develop a premium, tough-as-nails rock slider for the unique architecture of the Rivian R1.

Where are we today? After numerous design revisions, we have just about arrived at our final structural design. Since our initial design, we have:

  • Finalized and attached main rail support brackets
  • Added cross-bar gussets for torsional rigidity and side impact strength
  • Added a rear cut-outs to accommodate seams along the frame rail
  • Boxed a front taper that is needed to clear frame hardware
  • Replaced rectangular front and rear supports with tube steel

Rivian R1T Rock Sliders Being Welded

When I say “just about”, there are a few tweaks that will arrive in the final design due at the end of the month. These include:

  • Weld on the top step plate
  • Replace all milled components will laser cut pieces
  • Minor adjustments to the gusset length and angle to help avoid hang-ups
  • Capping the front and rear of the rub rail
  • Angling the front end of the main slide rail
  • Adding a riveted nameplate
  • Powder coat

We feel this series of iterations has brought us to the best Rivian rock slider available to date. It offers superior main rail strength and rigidity, while also providing complete side rub rail coverage.

Side view of Megawatt rock sliders for Rivian R1T

At this time, we are still on track to complete fabrication of the first final units on January 31st. Products will then take about a week to powder coat. We estimate the first finished units to be finished and ready to leave the dock by February 14th.

We’ve received an overwhelming response to our initial pre-orders, but ongoing development changes have resulted in slight increases in material and labor costs. We fully intend to follow through on our commitment to pre-order pricing through January 31st. That said, it is more than likely that the un-discounted price will increase by a few hundred dollars from there. While we’d like to keep these rock sliders as affordable as possible, we feel it is equally important that we stick to our values of delivering the highest quality, made in America units possible. We appreciate your understanding and can’t wait to get these amazing rock sliders in your hands and on your R1T! 

Rivian R1T Rock Sliders


What is Megawatt™?

Megawatt™ is a line of performance products built just for electric trucks and SUVs. Available exclusively at Electruck4x4.com, our accessories are designed by owners. As such, what you can expect are thoughtfully designed, high-quality parts and tools that are built to last and enrich the ownership experience.

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Bob Crowley

Looking good! Can you share photo of final look with powder coat paint installed on a R1T? Thanks.


Really appreciate your transparency throughout the process. Can’t wait, these look awesome!

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