Update Regarding Performance R1T Rock Sliders from Megawatt™: 03/12/23

Update Regarding Performance R1T Rock Sliders from Megawatt™: 03/12/23

Great news! We have started pilot production of our Performance R1T Rock Sliders from Megawatt™. A small run of units is currently in production and expected to ship at the end of the week. A larger batch will then follow them as we begin to churn through our backlog.

We realize this comes a little behind schedule, however, there is a good reason why: We have revised our coating process. The new approach is a multi-step procedure that ensures greater coverage. The sliders are first assembled without their top plate on. They are then primed before coming back to the shop for final assembly. Once the top plates are welded on, the sliders return for powder coat. Lastly, a probe is inserted the length of the main slide rail to coat the inside with paint.

This new approach is obviously more complex than your typical powder coating process. While it means more work on our end, we feel the added coating between the top plate and slider, as well as inside the slider itself, ensures a higher quality product with better corrosion resistance.

We have also made a few changes to the site since my last update. In addition to adding a few new products, we have also sourced a new logistics provider to handle shipping our larger products. We have integrated with their system and you can now obtain real-time quotes as part of your rock slider checkout. For folks who have already purchased via the "to be calculated later" value, I will be reaching out to you as your sliders enter production to close out shipping costs so we can send you your sliders ASAP.

There has been a lot going on as we work toward bringing you the highest quality, most robust rock sliders for your Rivian R1T. Concurrent to these developments, we have also begun the design of our slider skid plate. This plate will cover the area between the Megawatt™ rock slider and the Rivian underbody shield. Lastly, but not far behind these products will be our Megawatt™ performance rock slider for R1S.

We'd like to thank you again for your patience and support. We couldn't be happier to have begun production. We are looking forward to getting you your Megawatt™ rock sliders as soon as possible. Should you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please feel free to send us an email at hello@electruck4x4.com. You can also use the chat widget in the bottom right of the screen.


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