Electruck's origin dates back to the late 90's where our founder, Brenton Murray, would "borrow" his dad's old Blazer to go four-wheeling. A passionate enthusiast, he then kicked off his career at a respected manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket, Baer Brake Systems.

After years building performance parts for hot rods and race cars, Brenton found himself with a crisis of conscience. He went back to school for an MBA in sustainability and then co-founded a successful start-up. Eventually though, his interest in cars and the environment drew him to a relatively unknown EV manufacturer. This company, Tesla, had successfully produced a high-performance roadster and was about to enter the mass market with a sedan. His longing for adventure and off-roading then led him Rivian where he built key software tools to help launch a pick-up, an SUV, and an electric van.

As a former Jeeper, Brenton had become accustomed to modifying his rig to unlock additional performance and improve it beyond the manufacturer's original specs. Now, as an electric truck owner, he found himself facing a handful of electric car tuners, but none that specialize specifically in the quickly growing electric truck segment. This lack of options led him to found Electruck 4x4.

Electruck 4x4 knows that the needs of truck and SUV owners differ significantly from those who drive coupes and sedans. That is why we are dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality parts and accessories, enabling you to tailor your vehicle to suit your needs. Whether it's off-road, or off to soccer practice, we provide you with performance and customization options necessary to make your electric truck or SUV one of a kind.