The installer of all Electruck Automotive Inc. products should follow proper safety procedures during installation. Improperly used tools and unsafe procedures can cause injury or death. Refer to the tools manufacturer’s manuals for warnings regarding their use. Modifications to your vehicle can result in dangerous conditions. The buyers and users of these products assume all risks associated with the installation and use of these products. All installations should be made by a qualified mechanic.

Electruck Automotive Inc. stands behind the build quality of its fabricated products. Never the less, off-road driving is an inherently a risky activity, which can result in damage to your vehicle, bodily injury, or death. Electruck Automotive Inc. is not responsible nor will we accept liability for failure of parts as a result of extreme off-road use. 

Modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk. Electruck Automotive Inc. is not responsible or liable for any damage, personal injury by installing or using installed products manufactured by Electruck Automotive Inc. whether intended or unintended. 

Unless otherwise noted, Electruck Automotive Inc. products are intended for off road use only and have not been tested or approved by any international, federal or local governing agency for street use. Owners encouraged to familiarize themselves with the specifics of their car manufacturer’s warranty and any applicable local emissions regulations prior to making a purchase decision. By purchasing products made by Electruck Automotive Inc. and its partners, the buyer/user accepts all responsibility and risks associated with any modifications and use said products. 

Powder coating and paint are durable coatings. Never the less, the finish provided by Electruck Automotive Inc. carries NO warranty or guarantee of any kind. Any damage to the finish during shipping is the responsibility of the delivery company and NOT the responsibility Electruck Automotive Inc. Any damage incurred during shipping MUST be noted on the Bill Of Lading or to UPS at the time of delivery. Due to the forces and wear these products may be exposed to during use, damage, wear, or anomalies incurred to the finish after receiving parts are the responsibility of the buyer or user.