Update Regarding Performance R1T Rock Sliders from Megawatt™: 01/29/23

Update Regarding Performance R1T Rock Sliders from Megawatt™: 01/29/23

We are entering the home stretch of Megawatt™ development. The team has been cranking away all weekend making the final tweaks to the slider design and I think you’ll all be very happy with where we landed.

The biggest change between the final design and the prototypes shared previously is the removal of the rub rail gussets. When going over an obstacle, you want your rock sliders to slide as easily possible. While the gussets looked and performed great, they also created the potential for getting hung up. 

After several configurations with them more tucked up above the bottom plane, we opted to remove them all together. To compensate for the the gusset removal, we then added additional support tubing. This tubing reduces deflection and actually does so with greater longitudinal coverage than the gussets did.

Rivian R1T Rock Sliders from MegawattRivian R1T Rock Sliders

(Shown without support brackets) 

What’s next? From here, the team will weld the top plates to the sliders. They then have a handful of other welds to button up before sending them to powder coat. Lastly, they’ll ship off to the Bay Area where we’ll perform the first install. Around this time I will also reach out to anyone who is awaiting a shipping quote.

When will customer units go out? We are running about two days behind schedule, but are still pretty close to our initial schedule. The team will continue pushing forward with customer production after this initial unit and we expect the first orders to leave the dock on Feb 14th. We then estimate it taking 8-10 weeks to get caught up on the pre-orders placed to date.

We’ve come a long way over the past month. Thanks to all of your support, we’ve wound up with a truly exceptional product that we can’t wait to get out the door. If you were still on the fence regarding these sliders, now is the time, as introductory pricing will end on Jan 31st at midnight PST. From there, the sliders will move to their full retail price of $1799. Don’t miss this great opportunity to own a high-quality, hand-made in America slider!

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