Update Regarding Performance R1T Rock Sliders from Megawatt™: 04/05/23

Our first few sliders have officially arrived in customer hands! We are now continuing to dig into our backlog so we can fulfill your outstanding orders. In doing so, however, we have encountered a handful changes to that were made to the R1T platform. We have product variants that fit both newer and older VINs, but this vehicle change has had an impact on ramp speed.

The need for a second product variant has necessitated both additional engineering work, as well as more lead time for material acquisition and laser cutting. Just as we were with our early VIN variant, we are then taking a judicious approach to scale the second model variant. This also means making smaller initial batch sizes. The result, particularly of the materials lead-time, is an average unplanned delay of roughly four to six weeks to each order’s production timeline. Likewise, the timeline for new orders has been pushed out to approximately 10-12 weeks.

I realize a slower path to ramp than originally planned is not ideal—and disappointing to us here, too. That said, and as always, we feel it is important to maintain a conservative approach to this process so as to minimize unforeseen challenges and disappointment. 

Please feel encouraged to reach out to me directly at Brenton@electruck4x4.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order or our products. In the meantime, I sincerely thank you for your understanding and your continued support.


Brenton and Team

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