The Ultimate Guide to Jacking Up Your Rivian R1T or R1S Part 1: Jack Pucks

The Ultimate Guide to Jacking Up Your Rivian R1T or R1S Part 1: Jack Pucks

 How to Jack up your Rivian with a Jack Puck

Required materials:

  • A small screwdriver or pick
  • Either the jack puck supplied with the Rivian spare kit or an aftermarket puck
  • The Rivian scissor jack or other jack capable of supporting at least 3 tons

Overview & Preparation

So, you need to jack up your Rivian. Whether you are changing a tire or just crawling underneath, it is important to do a little research before lifting those wheels in the air. Why? Both the Rivian R1T and R1S are significantly heavier than the average vehicle and are built on a highly advanced rolling platform, also called a skateboard. Here, we'll cover the basics of using a jack and jack puck to raise the Rivian R1T / R1S, as well as how they differ from traditional vehicles.

The first thing you will need to do before jacking up your Rivian is the park it on a firm, level surface. You should then chock the wheels (if possible) to help prevent a roll away.

Set the Software

Something that sets the Rivian apart from traditional vehicles, is its software controlled air suspension. This makes for great handling on a variety of surfaces, but also means a few extra steps when lifting the truck. To start, you will first need to put the vehicle into its tire change mode. You will first raise the suspension to its highest setting by selecting "All-terrain" and "Highest" from the drive mode screen. Next, select "Settings' from the bottom menu. Then, choose "Vehicle", "Service", and turn on the "Tire Change" mode toggle. You may now proceed with jacking up your truck.

Access the Jack Points

The Rivian manual describes two methods of jacking the vehicle - with and without a jack puck. If you purchased the spare tire kit from Rivian, the kit will come equipped with a plastic jacking point. (We'll cover that in a future post). If you didn’t purchase this jack point, there are also a number of aftermarket options available. In either case, these jack pucks fit into specific jack points located on the underside of the vehicle. 

To access the jack points, simply pry off the circular plastic caps that are embedded in the underbody plastic. (This can be a little tricky, but can be accomplished via a pick, knife, or small screwdriver.) Once the jack point cover is removed, you will slide your jack puck into the circular pilot hole located inside the plastic panel. 

 Rivian front jack point closed
Rivian rear jack point closed
Rivian front jack point open
Rivian rear jack point open
Front jack point Rear jack point


Jack up the Vehicle

It is important to note once more that you should only attempt to jack your vehicle up if it is on stable and level ground. You should then take note that the jack puck supplied by Rivian is only to be used with the scissor jack and lift block included with the spare tire kit. If you are attempting to jack your truck up using a floor jack, post jack, or other jack with a broad surface, you will first need to obtain an aftermarket jack up, like the Megawatt jack puck we sell at

Lifting a Rivian with a bottle jack

Ok, so you’ve inserted your puck into the jack point hole of the truck. Let’s talk jacks. As I mentioned before, it is possible to use the plastic jack puck and scissor jack supplied in the Rivian spare tire kit. (We find this approach a little unnerving and prefer to use a floor jack or post jack.) 

If you are opting to use a two-post lift or hydraulic jack, it is important to ensure your jack is capable of supporting at least 3 tons. Assuming you have the proper jack and the right puck inserted into the vehicle, the process is the same as any other vehicle. Simply align the jack lifting face with the jack point and begin elevating the jack.


In conclusion, jacking up a Rivian R1T or R1S is a bit different than traditional vehicles, but with proper knowledge of the jack pucks and jack, it's a relatively straightforward process. Please remember to be safe and note the following considerations:

  • Configure the software before lifting
  • Use only the appropriate jack and jack puck
  • Only lift the vehicle at the described points. Lifting elsewhere can result in serious vehicle damage
  • Always use a jack stand or jack brace when lifting a vehicle with a floor jack or bottle jack

That’s it! Happy servicing!

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