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Megawatt™: Pro Series Billet Jack Puck for Rivian R1T and R1S

Megawatt™: Pro Series Billet Jack Puck for Rivian R1T and R1S

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The Rivian R1T and R1S aren't just any old truck. They're sophisticated machines that must be lifted with precision.

There are two ways to lift the vehicle from the factory: By removing the plastic covers on either end of the running boards, or via the rectangular plastic lift point provided if you purchased the spare tire kit. Neither of these options are terribly convenient or confidence inspiring, which is why the aftermarket developed a range of metal lift pucks.

Unsatisfied with the stability and performance of current offerings, the team at Megawatt interviewed dozens of EV technicians to gather their insight from years of working on electric vehicles. After hours of research and numerous design iterations, what we've arrived at is a taller, more stable, highly versatile puck only available from


  • Exact: Precision machined to fit your Rivian
  • Rock solid: Machined from a solid piece of billet 6061 aluminum
  • Durable: Anodized for added wear resistance
  • Convenient: Built-in neodymium magnets securely attach the puck to the vehicle
  • Reach: Taller than other jack pucks, providing added lift. 
  • Stable: Broader than other jack pucks on the market
  • High Traction: Built in traction rings prevent the puck from slipping or moving when places on dirt  or debris
  • Flexible: The only Rivian jack puck that supports bottle jacks (with 1.25" ram) as well as floor jacks and post jacks

Fits: R1S and R1T

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