Black Rhino Voltaic Forged Aluminum Wheels


Black Rhino Voltaic wheels are the ultimate off-road upgrade for your adventure-ready Rivian R1T. This exceptional wheel boasts a unique full-face design, guaranteeing to elevate your R1T's rugged style whether you're hitting the trails or exploring the desert. But it's not just about looks – the Voltaic is designed to enhance your off-road performance with its increased load rating and structural rigidity. This, combined with a weight savings of 6 pounds over stock, means that you can actually increase your truck's range, (you read that right).

Key Features:

Rugged Style: The Voltaic's full-face design sets it apart, giving your Rivian R1T a distinctive and agressive appearance. It's the perfect complement to your adventurous spirit.

Lightweight Advantage: One of the standout features of the Voltaic is its lightweight design. It's up to 6 pounds lighter than select factory 20" Rivian wheels, contributing to improved handling and efficiency.

Enhanced Performance: Beyond style, the Voltaic delivers improved performance. With an increased load rating and enhanced structural rigidity, it's designed to withstand the toughest off-road challenges.

Perfect Fit: The Voltaic is available in a size of 20x8.5" with a +35mm offset, ensuring a bolt-on fitment for Rivian owners. It's designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, allowing for a hassle-free upgrade.

Premium Material: Crafted from 6061-T6 forged aluminum, the Voltaic not only looks great but also offers exceptional strength and durability. It's built to handle the demands of off-road adventures.

Distinct Finishes: The Voltaic is available in two striking finishes – Matte Gunmetal and Matte Bronze. Choose the finish that best suits your style and outfit your Rivian adventure with confidence.

Elevate your Rivian R1T's off-road capability and style with the Black Rhino Voltaic. It's the perfect aftermarket upgrade for adventurous Rivian owners who demand both form and function. Explore the trails, conquer the desert, and experience the rugged beauty of the Voltaic wheels on your Rivian R1T today.

 Wheel Size 20x8.5
Bolt Pattern

5X139.7mm (Metric)

5x5.5 in (US)

+35 mm
Back Spacing
6.13 in
32.41 lbs
Max Load

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Color: Matte Gunmetal
Matte Gunmetal
Matte Bronze