Trigger 4 PLUS - Wireless Accessory Controller

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Introducing the TRIGGER 4 PLUS, the ultimate wireless power distribution system for your truck or SUV. This innovative accessory allows you to effortlessly and wirelessly connect and control up to four 12-volt accessories with ease. With a simple connection to your vehicle's battery, it provides four fuse-protected outputs for your accessories. Packaged in a self-contained, water-resistant, and durable cast aluminum housing, the TRIGGER 4 PLUS ensures reliable performance in any condition without the need to run wires through your firewall.


  • Power distribution system for 12-volt accessories
  • Wireless control through a battery-powered RF remote with rocker-style switches
  • Bluetooth control using the iOS and Android mobile app
  • Manual buttons on the control box for individual circuit power
  • Built-in DIN connector for use with conventional toggle switches (harness sold separately)
  • Four 12-24 volt output harnesses with pre-installed waterproof connectors
  • Built-in fuses with o-ring sealed cover: two 30 amp and two 10 amp
  • High-intensity LED indicators for circuit status: blue for circuit on, red for blown fuse
  • Waterproof case design withstands temperatures from below freezing to 250 degrees F
  • 12 to 24-volt input with ground, switched positive, and battery positive wiring


  • Easy installation and setup
  • Wireless control allows for convenient operation inside or outside the vehicle
  • Activate a flashing mode or control brightness of connected lighting (compatibility may vary)
  • Toggle or momentary mode settings for different accessory requirements
  • Customize accessory names, view instructions, and set switch functions through the comprehensive settings screen



 4-channel wireless control station
4-channel rocker-style wireless remote and base
Output leads with waterproof connectors
Four 8' harnesses ready to install
DIN port for connection to standard rockers


Upgrade your vehicle's accessory control with the TRIGGER 4 PLUS. Enjoy the convenience of wireless operation, whether inside or outside your vehicle, using the battery-powered RF remote or the Bluetooth control via our mobile iPhone and Android apps. Take advantage of the toggle or momentary mode settings for different accessory needs. With its durable construction and waterproof design, the TRIGGER 4 PLUS is built to withstand harsh conditions. Don't miss out on this advanced power distribution system. Order now and experience the ultimate convenience and control for your vehicle's accessories.

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