Key Fob Surround for Rivian R1T & R1S


If you're anything like us, the "carabiner" that comes with the Rivian key fob is a nuisance, rather than a benefit. This CNC'd aluminum replacement sets out to solve that problem.

It looks great, feels great in the hand, and adds a basic key ring so you can slap whatever carabiner you want on there, or just attach it to your key ring without worrying that it's going to slip off at some point.

It does require disassembling your existing key fob (step by step video to come) - but rest assured, it's an easy process.

Unlike Henry Ford, we think there should be some color options - however, the price gets extremely expensive without minimum order quantities (MOQs). Full transparency - the product validation tests we ordered were hundreds of dollars each.

We’ve received enough interest in all colors to make sure all are produced! We placed the order with our manufacturer in early November and expect delivery in early/mid December. My sincere hope is to ship all orders in time for Christmas delivery, but cannot guarantee given tight time constraints.

Available Now!

Color: Orange