Click & Charge Premium Wireless Phone Charger for Rivian R1T & R1S


About a year since launching our Premium Charger, we've iterated and refined even further - landing with this. Installation is easier than ever - remove the old charger, get your pucks cable managed, plug in, then just click the new charger in to place.

The topper is a black ash veneer. Not an exact match to the interior wood finish on the R1T & R1S, but close enough to not be awkward! We've etched a topo map of Mt. Rainier (our products are mostly made in it's shadow!) in to it for a bit of extra panache.

Base is 3D-printed, but unlike our previous Premium Charger, the 'bowl' portion is fuzzy wuzzy AF (As Flocked) so the only visible plastic is a small lip around the edge of the topper.

NO pucks are included. However, the design supports the Anker Qi2 Chargers, the Apple MagSafe Charging Pucks, or the JSAUX MagSafe Chargers. We are working to offer pucks directly, but setting up the wholesale arrangements is taking some time!


  • Step Down Charger that connects to OEM plug in Rivian vehicles.
  • Flocked Grand-ola Bowl and Veneered Base
  • Locking Plates for Magsafe pucks or Anker qi2 chargers.

Is this the "Final Form" of S00nish's wireless charging aspirations?

Almost certainly not! Especially as Rivian's production methods change and they introduce new stuff for us to work with. For now though, we think this is the best aftermarket wireless charger on the market.

SHIPPING TIMELINES: First batch is out as of Tuesday, 1/16/24. Will be shipping the rest as quickly as we can. We currently anticipate ~2 weeks for new orders to be shipped out. If you order multiple products, We will ship anything that's in-stock now, and the remaining products later unless you specify otherwise in the order notes. 

The process of building each one is now a lot more time-intensive than it used to be, and we're working just as fast as we can! We'll ship everything just as s00n as it's ready to go.

Available Now!

Style: Mt. Rainier