Bubba Rope Renegade: ¾ in. x 20 ft Kinetic Recovery Rope - Black Eyes


Introducing Renegade, the revolutionary kinetic energy recovery rope designed for the toughest off-road adventures. This compact-sized rope offers more stretching ability and unmatched pulling power compared to flat web straps. Whether you're navigating through mud, sand, or snow, Renegade is the ultimate tool for snatching Jeeps and light trucks with ease.

Derived from military specs, we made sure Renegade matches the toughness and durability you need. Its Military camo green color not only adds to the rugged aesthetic but also pays homage to its origins. Plus, we've included a convenient mesh duffle bag and camo Velcro wrap to keep your rope secure and organized.

With a formidable breaking strength of 19,000 lbs, Renegade is built to handle the most demanding situations. Measuring ¾ in. x 20 ft., this kinetic energy recovery rope is the perfect companion for any off-road enthusiast seeking reliability and power. Upgrade your recovery gear and experience the next generation of off-road performance with Renegade.

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