ARB Snatch Strap - 22 ft Kinetic Rope - 33,000lb Load Rating

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Stretch your limits and get your vehicle back on track with the ARB snatch strap. This 22-foot long powerhouse is built to handle heavy loads, with a load rating of 33,000LBS. Its unique design allows it to stretch under load, ensuring maximum performance during recovery operations. Whether you're stuck in the mud or immobilized off-road, this snatch strap is your ticket to freedom.

Don't let your vehicle's immobilization keep you down. With the ARB snatch strap, you can rely on its elasticity to aid in the recovery process. The kinetic energy generated by the stretch not only helps with the extraction, but also minimizes the risk of damage to your vehicle. This means faster and safer recoveries, allowing you to get back to your adventure in no time.

Invest in the essential piece of recovery gear that off-roaders swear by. The ARB snatch strap is designed to handle the toughest situations, making it a reliable companion on any journey.

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