SnapPlate License Plate Mount for Rivian R1T & R1S (version 2)


Many of us live in states that require a front license plate. That often means driving screws into your truck's front bumper to mount a bracket or risk a potential run-in with the law.

While drilling into your Rivian to mount a front license plate bracket will solve the legal issue, it will also result in permanent damage to your truck's bumper. Adding insult to injury, these factory mounts sometimes encroach on the frontward facing camera.

You can avoid all these headaches, preserve your truck's factory condition, and stay good with "Johnny Law" with a simple snap-on front license plate bracket from SnapPlate's. 

SnapPlate removable front license plate mounts install and completely remove in seconds. The clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the front end when it’s installed and it leaves no unsightly hardware behind when it’s removed.

SnapPlates are designed, printed, and assembled in California using recycled plastics that are Made in the USA and by using Prusa 3D printers to make strong parts with internal structures that optimize our use of plastics.

This SnapPlate comes with a plate mount designed for a standard US license plate (12″ x 6″) with holes at 7″ x 4.75″ (178mm x 121mm). It also fits plates in Canada or Mexico with the same hole dimensions.

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