What People Are Saying About Megawatt™ Performance Rock Sliders

I have been in the fabrication business for over 38 years. From the design, to the welds, the Megawatt Sliders are a large step above the competition.

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The Rivian R1 is the perfect vehicle to tackle the outdoors. It's high ground clearance and individual wheel control enable it to navigate rocky terrain with ease. Even the most capable vehicles and drivers, however, can get hung-up on rocks and logs, which can result serious rocker panel damage or worse. Rock sliders help guard against this off-road hazard to keep your truck protected.

Unsatisfied with current Rivian offerings, a team of early owners and longtime off-roaders assembled to engineer the strongest rock slider on the market that can serve as an R1S running board, yet stand up to even the most punishing abuse. What they arrived at is the latest product from Megawatt™ performance products.

Make no mistake, this product is a rock slider first with the added benefit of serving as a convenient Rivian step. Given the weight of the Rivian R1S, and the potential for extreme forces while off-roading, we felt a purpose-built protection solution be crafted first. Only then could added features like a running board step be added.

The Rivian R1S has a curb weight of almost 7,100 lbs. That is close the weight of a Dodge RAM 3500 MegaCab. As such, we used proven slider methods for vehicles like these to benchmark the Megawatt™ Rivian R1T rock slider. We then adapted this formula to fit the lines and unique architecture of the Rivian. The result is not only a rock solid, highly functional slider, but a side-step that looks great.

      Fits: R1T

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      • Wheel-to-wheel Coverage

        Megawatt™ Performance Rock sliders offer more tire-to-tire coverage than any other Rivian slider. Compare real-world pictures of the competition and you'll see up 6-inches difference on either end!

      • Functional Kick-out

        These sliders offer a unique functional kick-out (that curve that juts out before the rear wheel). This protective feature pushes obstactles away if your rear tire slips, which ensures that boulder goes out instead of up the side of your tuck.

      • Craftsmanship

        Our steel is laser cut and our fabricators have decades of experience. We also only utilize TIG welding. Why is that important? Poor quality welds, such as beads that are fat, insistent, and/or resemble toothpaste, are inferior in both strength and aesthetic. TIG welding, while more labor intensive than MIG, provides a stronger, more precise weld.

      • Made in America

        Each pair of Megawatt™ Performance Rock Sliders is hand-made in Phoenix, AZ. (That's Paul!)

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      100% DOM (drawn over mandrel) USA steel

      Main slider:

      • 2" diameter box steel
      • .188" thickness

      Rub rail:

      • 1.75" diamter tube steel
      • .120" thickness

      Mounting brackets:

      • .125" plate


      • Approximately 65 pounds per side


      Each slider is enveloped in flat black via a unique four-stage process.

      1. Each slider and its top plate is coated in primer.
      2. Top plates are welded to the slider
      3. Assembled sliders are powder coated in a high-heat oven
      4. A probe is inserted and run the length of the tube to coat the inside with paint

      We realize this might sound like a lot of work to coat a piece of metal. (It is)! However, this process ensures maximum coverage, which in-turn improves corrosion resistance and longevity.


      What tools do I need to install my rock sliders?

      • A floor jack (2 jacks will make the process significantly easier)
      • Screwdriver and/or pick for releasing body panel clips
      • T15 torx screw driver
      • A ratchet
      • 10 mm socket
      • 17 mm socket
      • Socket extension
      • Torque wrench

      Can I access the factory jack points?

      Our sliders are full-length and do cover the rear lift points on the frame. (The alternative would be to leave the last 10-12" inches exposed, which is a common location for damage).

      To compensate for this, we have included rear guide holes that line up with the factory locations and support all standard pucks and other pin-oriented jacking devices. Alternatively, the vehicle can be lifted via the sliders directly.

      Can I jack up the truck by the sliders?


      Is this compatible with the Rivian Underbody Shield?


      Can I pick my sliders up?

      Unfortunately, our production facility is dedicated to fabrication and not equipped to support customers at this time.

      Can I retain my factory under plastics?

      Three plastic panels must be removed from each side of the underbody to install these rock sliders. In terms of off-road use, thousands of miles of testing has shown us that these panels actually retain dirt and mud, which makes it harder to clean the underbody of your vehicle.

      Why don't your sliders cover the area between the frame and the underbody shield?

      While it might seem like a good idea to incorporate additional dust or skid plating to a slider, this is not necessarily the case. Not only does installation become more unwieldy, it also means that any damage to one piece (like a dust cover) requires a complete slider replacement to repair. This is why you don't see large one-piece underbelly protection on most race trucks and rock crawlers, and why Electruck plans to offer a modular dust cover for those who wish to replace the factory plastics.

      Do you warranty your sliders finish?

      We thoroughly believe in the quality of our products and do everything we can to provide a durable, comprehensive coating. However, because of the type of activities these rock sliders were designed to support, (scraping, sliding on rocks), we are unable to provide a finish warranty.

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