Campstream One for Rivian R1S and R1T


Revolutionize your camping experience with the Campstream One, designed to enhance comfort during your Rivian adventures. This compact AC adapter brings a new level of convenience to your camping setup, connecting seamlessly to your EV and delivering temperature-regulated air directly to your ground or rooftop tent.

Comfort Redefined: Bid farewell to uncomfortable nights and welcome a cozy, climate-controlled camping experience. The Campstream One ensures a comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy serene sleep and wake up refreshed for your outdoor activities.

Extended Stay, Enhanced Comfort: Stay longer and revel in the joy of extended outdoor stays. With the Campstream One, camping becomes an inviting retreat, enabling you to prolong your adventures without compromising on comfort.

Effortless Device Charging: Embrace the convenience of in-tent device recharging. The Campstream One not only regulates the temperature but also serves as a reliable power source, keeping your devices charged for capturing memorable moments or staying connected.

Tailored for Rivian Adventures: Crafted to complement your Rivian's capabilities, the Campstream One adds a new dimension to your camping escapades. It's a game-changer, ensuring that every camping trip with your Rivian is met with comfort, convenience, and relaxation.

Transform your car camping experience and unlock unparalleled comfort with the Campstream One. Elevate your camping adventures to new heights, bid adieu to discomfort, and relish every moment of tranquility in the great outdoors with this innovative accessory tailored for Rivian enthusiasts

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